OpenNebula – Beginners guide to HOOKs

OpenNebula 3.4 Beginners guide to HOOKs.

OpenNebula is simple, user friendly but powerful. In my experience what looked so complicated in other cloud deployment applications have started looking and behaving much easier and simpler in OpenNebula.

Kudos to everyone involved in designing and programming this wonderful application.

This tutorial aims to demonstrate using hooks with OpenNebula.

  • A “hook” is defined by:
  • EVENT: The event that will trigger the execution of the hook. Predefined events are, VM states (BOOT,RUNNING etc)
  • ACTION: The command that will be executed. The action can be:
    • Pre-defined: For example, restart, destroy…
    • Custom: a command
    • Local: the action is executed in the ONE frontend
    • Remote: the action is executed in the remote host
  • Several hooks may be defined for the same action. The hooks should be defined at the daemon level, but also VM’s can defined custom hooks.