OPENNEBULA 3.4.1 Windows XP VM creation was never these much easy before Also try migration and live migration of a Windows XP VM

Friends, I have experimented with few of the well known software tools prevailing in the industry to create an IAAS (Infrastructure As A Service) platform. I am amazed with the speed!! and simplicity!! of OpenNebula 3.4 , especially with VMWARE VM creation and KVM based WINDOWS VM creation. Migration and Live Migration with a Windows XP VM was never easy and faster before.

This tutorial is an outcome of the enjoyment I have experienced.

In this tutorial, I am providing a easy and faster way of creating a Windows VM and Contextualization. This time “no Dot-net frameworks, no Powershells”, Just a VB script and a Windows batch file would be enough to send your IP address and new hostname from OpenNebula to Windows VM.

OPENNEBULA 3.4.1 and Windows XP VM – try Migration and Live Migration

Hope you may enjoy this……